Taxi Chaos


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RUSH THROUGH THE CITY TO DELIVER YOUR CRAZY CUSTOMERS! Get behind the wheel and get ready for a brand-new taxi experience! Drive around the city as the seasoned cab driver Vinny or the self-proclaimed ‘influencer’ Cleo, and pick up the craziest of customers!

Power through midtown in a strong muscle car, race past the parks in an exotic supercar or drift around the business area in a Japanes tuner taxi. Whatever you choose - your challenge is to deliver your passengers on time! At least, if you want to make any money.

Navigate through crowded streets, dodge pedestrians across sidewalks or even defy the laws of gravity by jumping over rooftops! Nothing is too extreme when it comes to delivering your passengers on time! Discover the best shortcuts and get to know New Yellow City (NYC), as well as your passengers, like the back of your hand.

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How is xxx game compared to similar games? Taxi Chaos has been beaten 7 times and is worse than most games compared. Our recommendation - try another game instead.


Feb 25, 2021
Taxi Chaos is a fun, flawed game that takes a lot of inspiration from Crazy Taxi, but does genuinely improve upon the formula in impressive ways. Freeroam allows players to learn the city to do a better job in the arcade and GPS-less modes, while having NPC fetch quests keeps things fresh and further rewards exploration. The available car selection is hit or miss, but most of the vehicles are fun to...