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How is xxx game compared to similar games? HITMAN has been beaten 10 times and is worse than most games compared. Our recommendation - try another game instead.


Nov 7, 2016
Agent 47 is back and better than ever. There were skeptics who thought the episodic formula wasn’t suited for Hitman, but IO Interactive proved them wrong. Though there were some hiccups at the start, with connectivity issues and lengthy load times on consoles, the eight months of constant updates allowed for the Danish developer to iron things out quite nicely. The amount of support that Hitman has...

Jun 3, 2016
Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh is the least impressive installment thus far, but it still holds up as a decent distraction. Marrakesh had so much promise, being a city on the brink of a civil uprising, but its traps and opportunities spread throughout as aren’t inventive as we’ve come to expect. Thankfully, on the technical side of things, Square Enix and IO Interactive have put measures into place where...

Apr 29, 2016
The second episode of Hitman is a satisfying adventure that’s once again dragged down by technical issues. Looking past the extensive load times and online connectivity issues, there’s a fantastic episode here, with even more options than ever before. We do wish the lab section was a bit better structured and grander as it felt far too confined in comparison to the rest of level, but fortunately, Sapienza...