The Pedestrian


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You are The Pedestrian within the world of the public sign system. Using a node-based system, you must rearrange and connect public signs to solve unique puzzles. Immerse yourself in the active and beautiful 3D city as you travel through different parts of town solving puzzles and collecting mysterious pieces in your 2D metal sign. Enjoy this textless journey, where all ideas are shared in icons and your powers of observation will be put to the test.


Feb 19, 2020
Even with its unfortunate dip in visual quality from time to time, that aside, a lot of the points held against Skookum Arts can be admittedly put down to personal aspirations not met, rather than some fundamental flaw the game is undeniably guilty of. An aspiration easily ignored for The Pedestrian is a charming-enough, but crucially, surprisingly-inventive puzzle entry for a concept and premise that,...


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