ONE PIECE World Seeker


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How is xxx game compared to similar games? ONE PIECE World Seeker has not been beaten once. This could be a hit. Our recommendation - the game is definitely worth playing, do not hesitate.


Mar 20, 2019
Despite all that One Piece World Seeker can’t do, it’s still a solid B game.  The main problem feels like too much ambition in design, with a million good ideas brought short because they can’t be fully realized with only a couple that get to shine in full.  When the world is open and adventure waiting in every direction, it’s a lot of fun to wander the map, chasing down chests and grabbing all the...

Game Informer
Mar 13, 2019
In terms of open-world game design, World Seeker isn’t an innovator, but it borrows and re-imagines familiar mechanics well (from the Batman: Arkham games, in particular) and proves why they are perfect for the One Piece universe.