NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence


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How is xxx game compared to similar games? NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence has only been beaten 2 times and is better than most games compared. Our recommendation - the game is worth playing.


Nov 5, 2016
Fans of understatement would describe Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence – Ascension as sprawling. This is a massive lump of a game that demands attention, forethought and the ability to plan for myriad different scenarios, all while balancing city and land improvements against available workers and officers. Everything on offer here creates a daunting inaccessibility that requires stubborn dedication...

Sep 28, 2015
Though it may scare off many players with its plodding pace and immediately complex array of commands, Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence is an engrossing and fiercely detailed journey through feudal Japan, offering a deep, lengthy strategy experience that simply can’t be matched on PS4. It’s not for everyone, but if you surrender yourself to its intricacies you may well find yourself crafting...