Guacamelee! 2


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How is xxx game compared to similar games? Guacamelee! 2 has been beaten 6 times and is worse than most games compared. Our recommendation - try another game instead.


Game Informer
Aug 21, 2018
With myriad combat and platforming improvements, a worthwhile story, and better challenges, this is the follow-up I didn’t know I wanted.

Aug 21, 2018
Guacamelee! 2 is exactly the kind of game a sequel should be in terms of its gameplay. Everything that worked in the first is back, but there’s more added to the foundation. It adds new powers and abilities to Juan’s arsenal that make him a more versatile character. He is far more agile and user-friendly now than he was before, and the game features even more polish to the gameplay. It’s easier and...