Gal Gun Returns


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GalGun is the entertaining story of a young man who becomes "super popular" with the opposite sex and is now living the "unfortunate" life of having every lady that looks his way confessing their undying love for him. But he must steel himself and fend these would-be lovers off with his 'special weapon' (known as the Pheromone Shot), as he tries to win the affections of one of the main protagonists. GalGun is the crazy combination of arcade-style shooting action and dating sim that truly has no equal.

Despite its ridiculous premise, new players might just be surprised at how well the game plays as a shooting game! Many Gal*Gunners around the world have already experienced this sensation since the series debut in January of 2011, allowing the series to continue to stir the hearts of people to this day!

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How is xxx game compared to similar games? Gal Gun Returns has been beaten 10 times and is worse than most games compared. Our recommendation - try another game instead.


Feb 8, 2021
Gal Gun Returns isn’t a bad game. Had we not been spoiled with the better sequels, one could even argue that it’s quite good for what it sets out to do: embarrass the gamer if they play it in front of other people while having some decent, if simple, gameplay. There’s enjoyment to be had, but with the sequels easily available, this is a title that can only be recommended to completionists. Someone...