Dragon Age Inquisition


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How is xxx game compared to similar games? Dragon Age Inquisition has not been beaten once. This could be a hit. Our recommendation - the game is definitely worth playing, do not hesitate.


Mar 30, 2015
Jaws of Hakkon is an enjoyable but unessential addition to Inquisition, great for players looking to prolong their game or for an excuse to dive back into Thedas. Those hoping for more content that directly influences the main story, or in-depth interactions with companions, however, may be disappointed. It’s great to see the Inquisition story being expanded so relatively soon after release, and hopefully...

Nov 11, 2014
While BioWare is well known for their strong role-playing games, it’s perplexing how they were able to reach this level of quality with Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s one of the most overwhelming experiences on the market, containing not only the best character development found in any RPG, but an open world that’s actually polished. The artistic and visual fidelity help with the immersion, but it’s...

Game Informer
Nov 10, 2014
The Dragon Age series strides into new territory for an expansive and unforgettable journey.